Section featuring dining room designs including pictures of dining room sets and furniture.

The minimalist aesthetic works so well in the dining room because it can create a clean canvas for the tapestry of the next meal t...




Get ideas from this huge collection of gorgeous industrial dining rooms - find inspiration for industrial style furniture, lightin...
Make your dining room more modern, with these fifty delicious examples. Create an unusual ceiling, hang an elegant pendant, cover ...
Create character your own black and white dining room. Use monochrome tones with beat lighting, pendant lights, black and white ta...
Sophisticated, but not overwhelming - these stylish dining rooms are extra versatile.
Mixing eras is a fun way to up the eclectic style of an otherwise simple room - in this case, we look at a variety of dining rooms...
Scandinavian-style dining rooms can feel comfortable and cozy without extra decoration.
Working with a white and wood dining room? Fill up on these stylish ideas for your space.
Share a meal with simplicity in these Scandinavian-inspired dining rooms from around the world.
Whether you're hosting a dinner party of eating cereal, it's always best done in a beautifully designed dining room like these.
The 25 dining rooms in this roundup are each beautiful and sleek with design elements that bring out the flavor in the home and f...
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